Capitalism is destroying the world, or is it really capitalism?

Capitalism can be seen to ruin everything from Education, to a pie due to the need for constant expansion and therefore mass production which turns everything into “cheap crap”. However, is it really capitalism or is it human nature which turns everything into crap? The problem with human nature is it can be seen as a product of history and therefore a problem related to the beginning of “civilisation”. Surplus, the thing which drove humanity forward in terms of intellectual and mechanical advances, also drove us into war, greed and inequality and as this need for surplus grew, so did inequality, war and greed and so did the illusion that humanities behaviour/nature grew steadily worse. My question, is has our mentality and behaviour grown worse, or is it the thing which hasn’t advanced and instead stayed static leading to the theory we get worse and worse. And in a world more advanced than our mentality, is it any wonder it’s so corrupt. .

Undoubtedly, capitalism as we know it will collapse one day, just like every system before us. The problem with capitalism is it was built on a baseline of faults, and we will continue to add to it. A new system will almost certainly follow the same pattern as it will come in a crisis and therefore being built on faults is almost unavoidable.  The problem isn’t capitalism, the problem isn’t finding a new system, the problem is can any system in this advanced world truly work for such complicated beings.

It appears that aspects of us advanced too quickly, too soon and in an attempt to improve our lifestyle, we have made it worse in other ways. Nobody can deny we are unique and intelligent, but that intelligence appears incomplete.