A world of competition

Job instability, and even difficulty in finding a job has resulted in a world of competition. Many could argue that competition is good, that only the very best become someone, but if we look at many politicians or in fact anyone with a high status many were born with that pre-defined privilege.

Capitalism, from the nature we have given it is incapable of allowing “true” social mobility. However, that is not a new problem. The new problem can be seen as the “I don’t give a f**k attitude”.  For example, a year in university will allow you to acknowledge that only a small minority of people are there because they truly love the subject, and an even smaller minority who are there to learn. Yes, we may assume that everyone is there to learn because it is part of the degree, but the majority only care about the degree and not the accumulation of knowledge itself. But, who could blame them. When an employer looks at your C.V they have no idea whether you have a vast accumulation of knowledge, and most of the time they don’t care, it is all about the grades you achieved over a period of a few years. All that matters in life is being better than everyone else.

This has resulted in everything important being turned into crap. History as a degree is almost useless in terms of job prospects, but it is fundamental to the understanding of present day society, but many people fail to realise that.

Humanity prides itself on being intelligent beings capable of amazing things, but can great things be achieved if everyone stops caring.  The accumulation of knowledge was, back in the time of the Roman Empire seen as “The Good Life” and look at the scientific discoveries found during the time of Classical Antiquity. Throughout History, has there ever been vast important discoveries from people who didn’t give a sh*t about the world. And now, in a period where we need intelligent people to want to accumulate knowledge and to use this knowledge to change a screwed up social structure, is the period where people have lost an interest.

We live in a world which continually feels as if it’s getting worse and many of us feel helpless. But we just accept this world, we accept that nothing can be done, so it is no surprise we have lost an interest in learning about it. And if we never want to learn about it, we can’t ever hope to improve it. 

Capitalism is destroying the world, or is it really capitalism?

Capitalism can be seen to ruin everything from Education, to a pie due to the need for constant expansion and therefore mass production which turns everything into “cheap crap”. However, is it really capitalism or is it human nature which turns everything into crap? The problem with human nature is it can be seen as a product of history and therefore a problem related to the beginning of “civilisation”. Surplus, the thing which drove humanity forward in terms of intellectual and mechanical advances, also drove us into war, greed and inequality and as this need for surplus grew, so did inequality, war and greed and so did the illusion that humanities behaviour/nature grew steadily worse. My question, is has our mentality and behaviour grown worse, or is it the thing which hasn’t advanced and instead stayed static leading to the theory we get worse and worse. And in a world more advanced than our mentality, is it any wonder it’s so corrupt. .

Undoubtedly, capitalism as we know it will collapse one day, just like every system before us. The problem with capitalism is it was built on a baseline of faults, and we will continue to add to it. A new system will almost certainly follow the same pattern as it will come in a crisis and therefore being built on faults is almost unavoidable.  The problem isn’t capitalism, the problem isn’t finding a new system, the problem is can any system in this advanced world truly work for such complicated beings.

It appears that aspects of us advanced too quickly, too soon and in an attempt to improve our lifestyle, we have made it worse in other ways. Nobody can deny we are unique and intelligent, but that intelligence appears incomplete.